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We decided to enrich our services with professional drone shooting.         

Our pilots have all the required permissions, certificates, and have a deep knowledge of procedures related to the operation of drones within the operator's sight (so-called VLOS) as well as out of sight (so-called BVLOS). Work safety is always our priority.

We decided to offer you the best RTF platform available now. Inspire2 drone with the highest model camera X7.

The X7 camera is a super 35mm sensor (with a resolution of 6K), identical to those used in film cameras. It offers as much as 14-degree dynamic range.  The image quality is comparable to Arri Alexa or Red film cameras. It is a highly universal solution for every type of task.

Our service includes flight planning, organization and obtaining all necessary permits and all other actions necessary to perform safe and compliant with flight procedures. Flights are carried out in cycles of about 10-20 minutes (depending on the needs and specific equipment specifications) and necessary for pilot rest, battery replacement and technical break control. The shooting day is a maximum of 8 hours with 1-hour regeneration break.   

If you want to know which offer will be the most suitable for you - contact us. Our specialists will help you choose the best package for your needs.  

Inspire 2/X7 camera /standard lense 16mm
One operator (for drone and camera)
shooting day 1800  PLN

Inspire 2/X7 camera /standard lense 16mm 
Two operators (for drone and camera)
shooting day 2500 PLN

The final quotation will be prepared for you. It  depends on number of shooting days, test flights if needed and transport costs to the location. 

- additional lense (16/24/35/50) + 400 PLN
- additional director previev + 300 PLN

The Inspire2 drone is technologically the highest class of equipment  with redundant flight safety systems, positioning and power supply. The length of one flight is a maximum of 23 minutes, the maximum flight speed in sport mode is up to 94 km / h. The operating range is temperatures from -20 to +40 degrees Celsius.

The dual remote controller allows us for 2 person operating flight: one drone operator and second camera controller.  e have a full license package (both RAW and ProRes) to be able to freely choose the size and quality of files for specific needs. 

The Inspire2 drone records data on two drives in parallel. Basic recording is the popular H.264 / H.265 codec with up to 100 Mbps bitrate and 4K resolution. On the second CineSSD drive we are able to record up to 6K resolution in RAW or Prores files.            

The possible resolution in ProRes (422HQ lub 4444XQ) is 4K/5K, bitrate up to 2Gbps.     

RAW is 6K/4K (CinemaDNG files) with bitrate up to 4.44 Gbps.



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